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1943 Martin 0-18 [*Demo Video!]

1943 Martin 0-18 [*Demo Video!]

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This 1943 Martin 0-18 sounds great with a woody and charming resonant tone and tons of harmonic richness. Well-kept with a few minor crack repairs including the typical pickguard crack and comes fully updated with a replaced bridge/saddle, new frets, a neck reset, and replaced tuners. It Plays and feels great with a cozy soft "V" neck and sounds wonderful with all of the qualities you'd hope for in a vintage Martin. Reach out for more information on this lovely war-era concert! Includes hardshell case.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"I can’t imagine how you pack this much cool into a small-bodied guitar, but Martin certainly managed it with this exquisite 0-18 from 1943. An ebony neck rod, light scalloped bracing, and Brazilian rosewood appointments check all the boxes for a golden-era flat-top gem. Some minor top crack repair and replacement tuners might keep this example out of the Smithsonian, which is great news for all of us who pine after these pint-sized cannons. Beautiful straight-grained rosewood was used for the bridge and fretboard, lending a unique and glassy high end to an otherwise low/mid-heavy tonal palette that will delight the fingerpicker and flatpicker alike.

Martin’s 0 model predates this guitar by close to a century, first being offered in 1854- long before the days of geared tuners or even Martin’s use of mahogany. By the mid-1940s, the humble 0 had matured into what many believe to be its finest form. The awkward days of transitioning between gut and steel strings were long forgotten, premium tonewoods like old-growth red spruce and Brazilian rosewood were still available, and production numbers remained low enough to ensure exceptional build quality. While these small-body Martins may not garner the same attention enjoyed by 000s and OMs, they are certainly capable of bringing a discerning player just as much joy for a fraction of the price."

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