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1944 Martin 000-18

1944 Martin 000-18

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A beautiful 1944 000-18! This vintage Martin is pleasantly lightweight and produces a lovely woody tone with excellent touch response and fantastic projection with a tight low end, open mids, and brilliant top end. It features an Adirondack Spruce top with Mahogany back/sides and is in very good condition overall with normal wear for a well-loved guitar and a small crack adjacent to the pickguard. In excellent playing condition thanks to a replaced saddle, a well-done neck reset, and a shimmed nut for easy fretting up the entire neck. An excellent example of a vintage Martin! Includes hardshell case.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"The magic of a wartime Martin is a concept deeply entrenched in vintage guitar lore and is completely affirmed when picking up this 000. The restrictions on the use of certain materials (i.e., red spruce, metal) during that time certainly played a part in Martin's golden era drawing to a close, but the transitional period during the war created an unintentionally unique chapter in their history. The ebony truss rod, which had been retired along with bar frets in August of '34, made a dramatic comeback, this time featuring the now-ubiquitous T-fret. The result? An incredibly light instrument that tips the scales at just a hair over 3 lbs and is more responsive than any guitar I can recall playing, even with the lightest touch imaginable. It just about jumps out of your hands with the mere insinuation of a right-hand pluck. When folks talk about a 'dry' sounding old guitar, this is the one they're thinking of.

Apart from some mysterious and unfortunate finish damage below the bridge, the guitar remains in remarkably original condition for its age. The slightest hint of the inevitable B string crack is starting to develop along the edge of the pickguard but remains entirely under control. It has had a recent and well-executed neck set along with a new saddle, par for the course on a guitar of this age. Depending on my current mood at any given moment, I could honestly say that any and all of the Martins featured this week are capable of being my favorite guitar in the shop. That said, I'd be lying if I claimed the 000's haven't enjoyed the lion's share of attention. If you're local, make some time to come down and play both of them before they're gone. They are two of the truly outstanding vintage Martins I've come across, professionally as well as personally."

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