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HOLD 1955 Gretsch Roundup 6130 [*Demo Video!]

HOLD 1955 Gretsch Roundup 6130 [*Demo Video!]

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1955 Gretsch 6130 "Roundup!" This elusive semi-hollow Gretsch "Solid-body" features a knotted pine top, a set of incredible-sounding DeArmond PUs, and of course the iconic Western appointments. Plays amazingly well with prominent resonance throughout and sounds amazing plugged in with lots of versatility and an added phase switch for a super-fun quacky sound in the middle position. Great overall shape with expected wear throughout and original condition excluding the mini-switch, a replaced nut, removed pickguard, replaced bridge, and some evidence of reaming from a prior set of tuners although we took it upon ourselves to re-install the originals. This is about as cool as it gets! Includes original hardshell case and the original strap.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:


"When it comes to vintage solid body electric guitars, there is absolutely nothing more audacious, flashy, or just plain cool than the '50s Gretsch Roundup. Born in a time when the idea of a solid electric guitar was burgeoning and other manufacturers hesitantly tossed their hats in the ring, the Fred Gretsch Company came out with all guns blazing. Somebody in Brooklyn came up with this idea in 1953, when the humble Telecaster was still startling the public with its radical design. The entire situation is as baffling as it is alluring, and I absolutely cannot get enough.

The mid-late 1950s saw a huge surge in the popularity of Westerns in popular culture. Marshal Matt Dillon made Gunsmoke the most-watched show on television. 1959’s Bonanza captured the imaginations of viewers young and old. Before any of that, whether through luck or through divine foresight, Gretsch dreamed up the 6130. It is my absolute favorite guitar ever built.

At its core, the Roundup is nothing more than a Duo Jet dressed up like Hopalong Cassidy. Transparently finished pine (with knots, if you’re lucky) was chosen as the top material, presumably to put one in mind of a barn door. The headstock features a memorable steer head inlay, accompanied by engraved fretboard markers that depict everything from fence posts to multiple species of cacti. The tailpiece is quite literally a belt buckle, depicting a wholesome western scene where a hungry cowboy approaches a chuck wagon. The 6130’s magnum opus, though, may be its tooled leather belt that runs inlaid around the perimeter of the sides. Poetry in motion. It’s enough to bring a tear to the eye of any aspiring buckaroo.

This 1955 example has seen some serious use, and looks that much better for it. Some heavier general play wear is punctuated with a replaced bridge, nut, and an added mini-switch. The original pickguard, as is the case with virtually all Roundups, is in a better place now, no longer suffering the ravages of celluloid off-gassing. This 6130 comes complete with its original strap and hard shell case, both adorned with the same ostentatious frill that make this model an icon of the American guitar."

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