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1956 Gibson J-45

1956 Gibson J-45

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This iconic Gibson workhorse sounds fantastic with tight low-end focus and a lovely note blossom on the top end for pleasant full-range clarity. In clean overall condition with a few dings and a slight patina from age, but nothing outside of expected wear for a 70-year-old picker. Plays great with an updated nut/saddle and a well done re-fret. An excellent example of a Vintage J-45! Reach out for more info. Includes hardshell case. 

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"This is a true white whale of vintage Gibson acoustics. Not only is this in excellent and original aesthetic condition, but it is completely dialed in and needs absolutely no work to speak of. The most amazing part? This guitar has remained largely untouched, somehow evading the unforgiving albeit well-meaning hand of early American guitar lutherie. The action remains low with plenty of saddle, and the neck has never been reset. All the braces remain glued to the guitar with no evidence of repair, an unusual experience to say the least. The bridge has been replaced, but with an appropriate replacement of the correct size. It’s days like this that compel me to buy a lottery ticket. 

Levity aside, Gibson acoustics from the middle of last century often didn’t receive the best treatment from their owners or repairmen, until recently that is. For whatever reason they lacked the prestige of Martin guitars, and fell victim to heavy abuse and lazy ham-handed repairs. Do a quick Google search for mid 50s J-45s, at the time of this writing I am unable to find a single example without a terrible oversized bridge, bridge plate, broken braces, or a combination of all. Once they’re modified there’s no bringing them back to original, so the ones that remain that way are a true rarity. This particular J-45 is not only exemplary in condition, but also sounds sensational and plays as well as any modern guitar you’re likely to find. If you’re looking for a workhorse guitar to drag around to bar gigs, this may not be the instrument for you. If you’re a reasonably careful player who takes care of their guitars, I can’t think of a better combo for a great vintage player with dynamite investment potential."


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