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1958 Gibson Les Paul Special

1958 Gibson Les Paul Special

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TV Yellow 1958 Gibson Les Paul Special in stock condition! Sounds killer with an incredible and dynamic touch response from the stock P-90s which absolutely rip producing the perfect blend of bark and crystal-clear clarity. Plays great with nice action and a full neck profile that has a subtle and super comfortable "V" shape to it. Really well-preserved with some wear on the edges, finish checking, and a few minor dings. An excellent example! Includes Original Stone Top Lifton Case.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"Everyone loves a Gibson TV finish. Juniors, Specials, even the odd CG-530 console steel wore it well. The finish has a wonderfully interesting origin story, as I've covered in multiple recent newsletters. The Special as a model, though, seems to me to be criminally overlooked in the grand scope of Les Pauls. Juniors are the rebel icons of rock, played by everyone from Billy Joe Armstrong to the guitarist from Green Day. The Standard needs no introduction. The Custom is the clear choice for classy professional musicians and also Ace Frehley. The Special is the Jan Brady of the bunch. Overlooked, forgotten, unloved. I have an inexplicable attraction to these kinds of marginalized bastards. I imagine it's a similar cavalier altruistic impulse that drives one to adopt an 11-year-old rescue Pitbull. The compassion they are denied seems only to amplify the love they exude to those who dare to choose them.

The Special boasts a number of capabilities that other Les Pauls simply can't manage. The all-mahogany slab body provides a warmth that is out of reach to its maple-capped brethren. The unbound body doesn't dig into your arm or fledgling beer gut. The rock-solid wraparound tailpiece easily adds another 3-4 horsepower. My personal favorite feature-by-omission of the Special is its delightful lack of a carved top. Gone is the faux pretension of an archtop geometry. The Special feels like more of a tool and less of an art project, a quality so many of us admire about the Telecaster. This particular example is in near-mint condition, quite a rarity for such a workhorse model. Like all of the guitars featured this week, it is 100% original and comes complete with its original Lifton case. This one is clean enough to be the centerpiece of a collection but is just as capable a player as any rancid road dog you're likely to find."

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