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1959 Guild M-75 Aristocrat [*Formerly owned by Walter Becker]

1959 Guild M-75 Aristocrat [*Formerly owned by Walter Becker]

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This 1959 Guild M-75 formerly owned by Walter Becker is a killer-sounding vintage hollowbody, and arguably one of the coolest pieces in the shop! It Sounds fantastic plugged in with excellent dynamic response and clarity, is a breeze to play with a comfortable medium neck profile, and its absolutely worth mentioning how lightweight it is at 5lbs 2.6oz! Modifications include a replaced bridge, Kluson waffle tuners, replaced knobs, and a pro refret. In good overall condition with expected wear from age, some separation of the binding, and a discrete professional headstock repair. This thing is ready to be played or added to your collection; A piece of Walter's legacy! Includes hardshell case. 

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:


"Working at a high-profile vintage guitar shop has its perks, including the virtual parade of legendary musicians who regularly grace our doors. One of our all-time favorites has been Walter Becker, the iconic co-founder of Steely Dan. Walter had a habit of arriving at the shop just minutes before closing time and then mesmerizing our after-hours crew for several hours with his awe-inspiring guitar skills. And all the while, he would enjoy Coca-Cola as if it were going out of fashion. Although he was primarily known as a Strat player throughout his career, his gear choices at the shop were refreshingly unbiased. Walter had a remarkable ability to extract the finest sounds from any rig, relying more on his instinct and feel rather than being swayed by brand recognition. Over the years, he acquired an impressive number of guitars from our shop, each one extraordinary yet rarely the type you would expect. In many ways, this '59 M-75 perfectly embodies the Walter we knew both as a valued client and as a dear friend.

The M-75, one of Guild's numerous underrated models from the mid-20th century, offers an exceptional combination of features that are hard to find elsewhere. Its fully hollow mahogany body, crowned with natural spruce, creates an astonishingly lightweight and resonant instrument, all contained within a size no larger than a Les Paul. The Guild-designed single-coil pickups, akin to standard P-90s in construction yet possessing their own unique character, deliver a distinct tonal palette. This particular guitar has been cherished by Walter since the 1980s, extensively loved, and widely employed in his home studio. It comes to us directly from Walter's former wife, along with a personal letter from her that beautifully describes his profound connection with this specific instrument. Whether you are seeking an incredible piece of Steely Dan history or an extraordinary player's instrument that will continue to inspire you for years to come, this M-75 is an ideal choice."

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