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HOLD 1960/62 Fender Stratocaster

HOLD 1960/62 Fender Stratocaster

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This Fender Stratocaster features a "4/62" body and an "11-60" neck. An incredible playing and sounding Strat with excellent resonance and stunning sonic qualities from the original black bottom PUs for a staple vintage tone! Modifications include a refinished neck/body, an updated 5-way selector, as well as a professional refret and replaced nut for flawless playability. An excellent example of a vintage pre-CBS Stratocaster in great playing condition with the ideal amount of honest wear! Includes non-original vintage black Fender hardshell case.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"Anyone even vaguely familiar with the modern Fender catalog can attest to the fact that 1960 and 1962 are two of the company’s most often reissued model years. This is not by coincidence, and original guitar from this era are among the most desirable from any brand. This unique example is a perfect mixture of the two years, featuring a 1960 Stratocaster neck on a 1962 body with several minor alterations that make it an absolute player’s dream.

While the guitar has been refinished in Olympic White, the pickups, pots, and tuners remain original to the body and neck. A 5-way blade switch has been added for maximum tonal versatility, a mod that is near-mandatory for a player’s guitar. The nut and frets have also been changed, but were very well executed and allow the instrument to play as well as any custom shop Fender you’re likely to find. These vintage “partscasters” are often looked down upon in the community as lesser-than, but in practice I have found them to be some of the most fun, playable, and tonally complex Fender instruments on the market today. And for less than half the price of a factory example? It seems like a no-brainer for the player whose primary objective is tone rather than investment value."

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