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1960 Fender Jazzmaster [*Demo Video!]

1960 Fender Jazzmaster [*Demo Video!]

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All-original Sunburst 1960 Fender Jazzmaster. Incredibly resonant and a great player with a comfy slim-C neck profile for minimal play fatigue. The original black-bottom pickups have a great sound with a balanced output and clear, lively tone. The neck pickup delivers a warm, thick, and open character, while the bridge pickup provides lots of surfy twang and attack. In great overall condition with body dings, some buckle rash, and finish wear from age and use. An excellent, vibe-y vintage offset! Includes original hardshell case.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"The astronomical increase in popularity of pre-CBS Jazzmasters over the last several years is difficult to explain, but becomes eminently clear once you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one.

Long considered the lanky goofball cousin of the Strat and Tele, the last decade has seen it become one of Fender’s most sought after models. The highest-end offering in Fender’s catalog at the time, it’s aim was to convert jazz guitar players away from Gibson with a feature-laden solid body alternative. In this respect, the model was a complete failure. The features meant to interest jazz players were largely found useless, and the Jazzmaster struggled to gain traction amongst its namesake genre.

What nobody knew at that time (not even Leo) was that the model would find its niche in the alternative/indie rock scene of the 80s and 90s. Guitarists like J Mascis and Thurston Moore would expose an entirely new generation to the Jazzmaster, and broaden the accepted methods and genres in which the model could be used. Ironically, Fender’s most genre-specific model has grown to be one of the most versatile and malleable solid body electric guitar designs of all time. This particular example is a completely original slab board model, and is widely considered the quintessential form of the Jazzmaster. Pictured with a 1975 Fender Princeton Amp." - Tyler Geske

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