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1960 Gibson Les Paul Junior 3/4

1960 Gibson Les Paul Junior 3/4

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An awesome vintage short-scale Les Paul Junior! These guitars are blast to play and are built exactly like the full-size Juniors, but feature a shorter 22.75″ scale length, which is perfect for smaller hands. This example is all original and in excellent condition for its age showing only light signs of use. Plays great and the original P-90 pickup delivers a fantastic sound with a fat single-coil punch, impressive clarity and a lively top end! Includes original chip case.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"Well into my adult years now, I still feel a sharp impulse to jump onto a coin-operated horse every time I see one out in front of a grocery store. If you can relate to this, I would guess you’d have a hard time walking past this trio without snatching one up.

Looking like one hell of a mid century Christmas morning, this collection is a scaled down summary of Gibson’s guitar offerings at the time. For the young gospel singer, an LG 3/4. The aspiring jazz cat is more than covered with a 3/4 ES-125. Feel the need to rebel against your parents while perforating your own ear drums? The 3/4 Les Paul Special will infuriate 4/4 of your closest neighbors. The 22.75” scale may sound too short for some, but reasonably wide necks and full-size hardware make these “student” instruments feel equally at home on the couch with a full sized human. What a perfect opportunity to pick up another vintage Gibson under the guise of providing your kids with a musical education." - Tyler Geske

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