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1961 Gibson ES-355

1961 Gibson ES-355

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1961 Gibson ES-355! A smooth player with a slim taper 60s profile neck and impressive acoustic resonance. This example is in mostly original condition with the exception of a custom truss rod cover, disconnected mono-varitone switch, and the original pickups which were replaced by PAT# pickups. In good overall condition with heavy signs of finish wear from use, and some finish checking. An absolutely stunning example of Gibson's quality craftsmanship! Includes original hardshell case.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"Nothing lends credibility to a top-of-the-line vintage instrument quite like a life of heavy use by a professional musician. This gorgeous 355 has the type of intense honest wear that makes its playability and quality undeniable. This example even has a custom truss rod cover bearing the name of the original owner, “Brad Roy”. Given the circumstances, I think its fair to say that Brad Roy was one bad boy. The few modifications this guitar underwent are typical of a working instrument of the time. The stereo feature was bypassed to make live amplification less of a headache, and the original pickups were replaced with a set of early patent number Gibsons. If you regularly read our newsletters, you will already have listened to me insist that these early patent numbers are every bit as good as the coveted PAF. Complete with original hardshell case, this blue-chip Gibson is ready for the next chapter of its life as a discerning musician’s daily driver." - Tyler Geske

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