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1961 Kay Jazz Special Bass

1961 Kay Jazz Special Bass

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A super vibey vintage hollowbody bass! These basses have become one of the most sought after instruments in the Kay line-up and this example is in great original condition showing only light wear from use and age. Plays well with a chunkier neck profile, slimmer nut width and sports the iconic "Kelvinator" headstock. Sounds excellent with a warm, woody thump and the original "Jimmy Kay"-style pickup produces an outstanding electrified tone!

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"Among the collection of instruments made iconic by the great Sir Paul McCartney, the Kay Jazz Special Bass may well be the most criminally underrated.  

Completely unknown to many, Paul’s Jazz Special came into heavy rotation during his years with Wings. Their album “Red Rose Speedway” featured the instrument extensively, and it even graced the cover of their 1973 single “Jet.” While just a few hundred were ever made during Kay’s brief run of Jazz Specials from 1960-1962, the model found its way onto some of the era’s most legendary records.

Kay’s unique “Jimmy Reed” style blade pickup in the neck position somehow manages to deliver shocking versatility while remaining immediately recognizable. (Define shocking versatility, you ask? The same bass was used on Stevie Wonder’s “Ebony and Ivory” as was used for the Surfari’s hit “Wipeout.”) The massive “Kelvinator” headstock is as elegant as it is ostentatious. We were lucky to find this particular example hidden away in a storage unit not far from our Los Angeles showroom, original and totally uncirculated. Who know’s what kind of sessions this one has seen? Pictured here with a 1965 Fender Bassman Amp with 1969 Bassman cabinet." - Tyler Geske

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