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*HOLD* 1965 Fender Stratocaster

*HOLD* 1965 Fender Stratocaster

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1965 Lake Placid Blue Fender Stratocaster in excellent playing condition! A well-aged example of a mid-’60s transitional-era Stratocaster with a "2FEB65B" stamp featuring the smaller pre-CBS headstock with a “block” logo." A prior owner routed under the pickguard for humbuckers but the original pickguard and electronics have been preserved (the pickup cavity was later repainted.) Other modifications include an updated 5-way switch for added tonal versatility, a replaced nut, and a well-done re-fret for a seamless playing experience. This guitar sounds incredible with excellent resonance and strong pickups (Dated 4-20-65) delivering a clean, glassy tone and quintessential Fender twang! Includes original hardshell case.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"Whenever you come across a custom color Fender advertised as player grade, you can be almost certain you’re looking at a refin. Fortunately this is not the case with this beautiful Lake Placid Blue Strat from the early days of CBS’ tenure. ’64-’65 was one of the more interesting “transitional” periods in the history of the model, and certainly one of the most desirable. Leo-era appointments such as a small headstock remain, while early gray-bottom pickups and a block logo make it evident that this was a CBS creation. Speaking of pickups, this set happened to be pencil dated on 4-20-65. After close inspection though, we can assure you that the coils show no sign of operator inebriation.   

So why is this one considered “player grade?” Probably for the best reasons possible. An excellent refret and new bone nut ensure that playability will be no concern for the foreseeable future. A modern 5-way switch gives you the quintessential Strat middle tones without the finicky balancing act required by the original. Easily the most extensive modification of this instrument is a bit body routing under the pickguard, presumably from the days when humbuckers were king. Even this sacrilege was handled gracefully, though, as the affected area was touched up with a remarkably accurate LPB respray. It’s a guitar unapologetic for its history, but still original enough to retain maximum vibe. In my opinion, it sits at the perfect intersection of originality, price, effortless vintage cool factor." 

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