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1966 Fender Electric XII

1966 Fender Electric XII

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All original 1966 Fender Electric XII in original custom Olympic White with matching headstock! Plays great with a comfortable medium-C profile neck and a fresh set-up. Sounds fantastic with a great tone from the original split-coil pickups for rich clarity with the perfect chorus and plenty of chime. In great overall condition with finish checking, minimal evidence of handling, and light dings. An excellent vintage Fender 12-String! Includes original hardshell case.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"It could be argued, at no fault of their own, that some Fenders are easy to love. The Strat, Tele, and P Bass are American sweethearts. The Jazzmaster, Mustang, and Jaguar are a half step back and gaining every day.

But what about the misfits? The oddballs? The models you won’t see hanging on the wall of a Hard Rock Cafe? If you can track them down, you might find yourself holding one of the last untapped sources of vintage Fender magic.  These two prime examples, a mint condition ’63 Bass VI and ’66 Electric XII, come to you in matching factory Olympic White. (The Bass VI is a one-owner local instrument with all hang tags and case candy.)

The rarity of these models can be boiled down to two factors: a relatively niche target audience, and an ungodly MSRP at the time of their introduction. But don’t confuse rarity with underrepresentation. The Bass VI was a favorite of both George and Paul throughout their moderately successful records Abbey Road and The White Album. In the mood to hear some some Electric XII? Look no further than the studio version of Stairway to Heaven. Pictured here with a beautifully worn 1962 Fender Princeton Amp." -Tyler Geske

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