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1966 Fender Mustang

1966 Fender Mustang

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All-original 1966 Fender Mustang in Daphne blue. This guitar has impressive resonance with a dry, woody sound and classic Fender chime from the original single-coil pickups. Pleasingly compact and the neck feels great with a comfy medium C-neck profile for minimal fatigue with eeasy access up and down the neck.  Good overall condition with heavier dings and blemishing from use and transport for an authentic road-worn look. This is a fun guitar - you won't want to put it down! Includes original hardshell case. 

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"A sad reality for the majority of us: the days of affordable custom color Strats and Teles are long, long gone. Most of us lack the swimming pool full of money and shiny top hat required to afford such a thing.

The good news is, though, there are still deals to be had if you are willing to step slightly off the beaten path. This 1966 Mustang in Daphne Blue, for example. A slightly shorter 24” scale will throw off the purists, yet still feel comfortable and familiar enough in the left hand. Flat pole Strat-style pickups will get you the classic Fender chime with a slightly different aesthetic. Add a surprisingly well-designed (some say Fender’s best ever) vibrato tailpiece, and you have an extremely viable 60s Fender guitar for under $4,000.

In recent years these Mustangs have come a long way in shrugging off the stigma of being “student” guitars, although prices are still relatively low. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the model enjoy a meteoric rise in popularity in the coming years, much like Fender’s offsets have over the course of the last decade. Come to think of it, it wasn’t too long ago you could score a ’59 Jazzmaster for around this price. Pictured with a 1961 Fender Princeton Amp." - Tyler Geske

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