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1969 Fender Mustang Bass

1969 Fender Mustang Bass

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1969 Competition Orange Mustang Bass. This vibey short-scale came to us from the original owner and is 100% original with a "17JUN69B" neck stamp. Plays great with comfortable and compact dimensions and sounds great producing a loud acoustic tone with a lovely dry note decay with a warm, fat, and thumpy sound when you plug it in. Good cosmetic shape with a cig burn on the top, dings, and finish checking. An incredible vintage short-scale that is sure to turn some heads! Includes original hardshell case.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"The competition stripe Mustang Bass is one of those models I can't help but love and also can't begin to comprehend. If I had to tender a guess I'd say it was the first stringed instrument specifically designed for and marketed toward kids whose fathers were in prison. The thing exudes the same energy as a panel van. You can practically smell the brick weed and naugahyde. Sincerely, it's a beautiful and vivid picture that this thing paints, and we haven't even plugged it in yet.

We tracked down and acquired this bass from its original owner, who looked after his instrument exactly how you'd hope he would. There is moderate general wear throughout, all tied together by a delightfully appropriate cigarette burn on the top. Forgoing the classic location under the E string at the headstock, our man decided to stick his joint directly beneath the pickguard edge for the ultimate hands-free experience. Just light up, find your groove, and huff that sweet smoke like a gassy rag. A true visionary. Despite seeing heavy use, this instrument is completely original and 100% untouched, including its factory hardshell case. This Mustang Bass would feel right at home in any Fender collection, and is a true piece of history from the golden age of drunk driving."

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