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1979 Gibson ES-Artist [*Kalamazoo Collection]

1979 Gibson ES-Artist [*Kalamazoo Collection]

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1979 Gibson ES-Artist in 100% original new-old-stock condition. Comes complete with gold hardware, Ebony Fingerboard, ornate inlays, a brass nut, TP-6 fine-tuning bridge, a set of fantastic-sounding T-Tops, and of course, the MOOG electronics which offers compression, an expander, and a treble boost. These guitars were made from '79-85 and hold a special place in the history of Gibson's Norlin era! Includes original hardshell case.

This instrument came from our recently acquired "Kalamazoo Collection." We acquired the collection from a married couple that worked at the original factory from the late 50s until the factory closed in June of 1984. These pieces are uncirculated and mostly untouched in mint or near-mint condition ~ The collection also includes 1000s of pieces of memorabilia, new-old-stock parts, and more ~ reach out with any/all inquiries!

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