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1992 Paul Reed Smith Santana Custom 24 "Rasta"

1992 Paul Reed Smith Santana Custom 24 "Rasta"

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A rare PRS, originally built in a small batch for Carlos Santana! Approximately 10 of these guitars were made by the Custom Shop featuring a unique, eye-catching 3-color "Rasta" finish, with Santana keeping a few and the rest being sold to the public. This example is in excellent condition showing minimal signs of use and plays beautifully with a great-feeling neck. An incredible sounding guitar fitted with PRS's "Vintage Bass" humbucker in the neck and an "HFS Treble" humbucker in the bridge delivering a warm, smooth tone with Santana's signature singing quality! Includes original hardshell case.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"Many guitars have niche markets, but this one shoots for a particularly narrow window. This is for the guy who hates capitalism, but not enough to start flying coach. For the guy who smokes weed every day, but only if it falls on a bank holiday. Perhaps even for the Sublime (feat. Rome) enthusiast holding a fresh check from a class action settlement. This guitar is a double-octave wailer in search of a true Trustafarian. Originally built in a batch of 10 instruments for Carlos Santana, this is a prime example of the quality the PRS custom shop is known for. So whether you manage a successful hydroponics operation, or just run a hedge fund and like to get high, you won’t find a more appropriate guitar anywhere in the world." - Tyler Geske

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