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1994 Fender Custom Shop Danny Gatton Telecaster

1994 Fender Custom Shop Danny Gatton Telecaster

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An early, 1st run Custom Shop Danny Gatton Telecaster! This guitar is based on Gatton's heavily-modified original '50s Telecaster and features an Ash body in Blonde finish, vintage-style bridge with treble-side cutout, Joe Barden dual-blade pickups and a Maple neck with Gatton's signature cubic zirconium side dot markers. Excellent condition with minimal signs of wear and sounds great with a hot, full-frequency Tele tone from the Joe Barden pickups! Includes original hardshell case and papers.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"For years, my awareness of Danny Gatton was solely in reference to his signature Telecaster and had absolutely nothing to do with his music. If you happen to be in the same boat as I was, let me tell you, Danny was pretty objectively one of the top five most talented guitarists to ever do it. He's responsible for what I believe to be the greatest improvised solo ever recorded, a live version of 'Crosscut Saw' performed at The Gentry in Washington DC some time in the early 80s. A bootleg version still exists on Youtube, it will either make you want to practice or want to quit, likely both. Absolutely otherworldly stuff.

Danny's main guitar was a '53 Tele that he modified relatively heavily, he took a similarly irreverent approach when designing his signature model. The Joe Barden blade pickups are far from vintage-accurate, but sound incredible nonetheless. The cubic zirconium side dots are equal parts trashy and classy and may be my favorite feature. Danny was nothing if not a hot-rodder. In his music, his guitars, his literal hot rods, everything was subject to modification in a manner only Danny knew how.

This early Custom Shop example is an incredible piece of his legacy, coincidentally from the same year of his untimely passing."

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