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2001 Rickenbacker 1997 SPC Rose Morris Reissue Jetglo

2001 Rickenbacker 1997 SPC Rose Morris Reissue Jetglo

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A rare 2001 Rickenbacker 1997 SPC Rose Morris Reissue featuring a distinctive "F" hole, U-shaped tailpiece, dot position markers, and a trio of toaster pickups! Plays great with a compact neck and sounds awesome producing the quintessential Ricky jangle and chime with a myriad of tones available thanks to the versatile switching and mix controls allowing you to blend and mix according to your taste. This 1997 SPC is in great overall condition with a few small dings, scuffing, and a slight patina from handling. Rose Morris was an importer/retailer of Rickenbackers to the UK in the late 60s with the "F" hole being a model distinctive to their line of Rickenbackers; It is safe to say that these reissues are just about *if not more* rare than the originals! Includes original hardshell case, owners manual, and tremolo.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"This ultra-rare reissue is just about as cool as it gets! (for Rickenbackers) - As a boy, I was fortunate enough to meet Rose Morris on Halloween of 2002 in Mesa, Arizona. She was a 77-year-old neighbor of my grandmother's, and to my knowledge had no affiliation with Rose-Morris, the UK-based musical instrument importer responsible for these guitars. She smelled like cough medicine.

The unique feature that distinguishes these Rose-Morris reissues from a standard off-the-shelf Ric is nothing more than their f-hole-shaped f-holes. The standard variety are scimitar-shaped and were thought to be off-putting to the more conservative British market, so Rose-Morris requested a traditional alternative. The Ace Frehley pickup configuration and devil horn cutaways were apparently fine though.

Any way you cut it, this is a rare piece of Rickenbacker history, and you're not likely to run into another at the local VFW blues jam."
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