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2007 Fender Limited Edition Custom Shop EVH Frankenstein Stratocaster *1/300*

2007 Fender Limited Edition Custom Shop EVH Frankenstein Stratocaster *1/300*

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2007 Fender Limited Edition Custom Shop EVH Frankenstein Stratocaster. This "Frankenstrat" is one of 300 made to painstakingly mimic every detail of Eddie Van Halen's iconic Strat. Everything from a 1971 quarter bolted to the top, the single humbucker wired straight to a single "tone" pot, dirt in the pickup cavities, reflectors glued to the back, remnants of adhesives... you get the idea! This is as accurate of a replica as you could get; Rare, and highly collectible! Purchase includes heavy-duty "Van Halen" road case, COA, a signed EVH photo, picks, and the original shipping box. *The Original CD is missing from the bundle*

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"For the last several decades there has been one unalienable truth in the world of guitar modification: where a young Strat owner is given access to masking tape and a few rattle cans, an EVH Frankenstrat tribute will inevitably emerge.

Fortunately, in 2007 Fender went to extraordinary lengths to create a limited run of identical replicas far beyond what any of us kids could manage. Combining world-class craftsmanship of the Fender Custom Shop with the unfathomable resources of a multinational corporation meant that absolutely no expense was spared in pursuit of authenticity.

Using Eddie’s original guitar as an in-hand reference, legendary Master Builder Chip Ellis singlehandedly crafted this instrument from the ground up. (It’s well known that Eddie was not able to tell the difference between his own guitar and an early example from this run of 300, forcing him to mark the replica’s headstock with a Sharpie.) Given the time and money spent by Fender to ensure the accuracy of this limited run, I don’t see even a remote possibility that a truer copy will ever be created. Pictured here with a Marshall Bluesbreaker conversion." - Tyler Geske

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