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2010 Fender American Standard "String Bender" Telecaster [*Signed by Gene Parsons]

2010 Fender American Standard "String Bender" Telecaster [*Signed by Gene Parsons]

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This 2010 Fender American Standard is a honky-tonk workhorse with banjo stop tuners on the A and the high E with a "String Bender" B-Bender manufactured, installed, (and even signed!) by Gene Parsons; The innovative machinist and drummer of the Byrds. Plays great with a snappy Maple neck and is still lightweight at 8lbs 4.6oz so you can hang on those long gigs without having to call your chiropractor. Lightly used and in excellent shape with hardly a ding on it with only minor scuffing. A killer workhorse Tele for honkin' and tonkin! Includes original hardshell case. 

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"The Parsons B-Bender was a triumphant piece of hillbilly ingenuity in the world of guitar modification. Originally designed to imitate the sound of a pedal steel guitar on a standard electric guitar, it was invented by musicians Clarence White and Gene Parsons in the late 1960s. Since then, it has graced an uncountably large number of hit records in both rock and country music.

The concept behind the B-Bender is to provide guitarists the ability to produce the characteristic "bending" or "pedal steel" effect on specific strings without physically bending the strings by hand. This series of pulleys and linkages, integrated into the guitar's body, enables players to engage the bender mechanism and raise the pitch of (traditionally) the B string by a full step. This creates a distinct twang and warble reminiscent of pedal steel guitar licks.

Clarence White, who was known for his exceptional guitar work with the bluegrass band The Kentucky Colonels (and later with The Byrds), helped popularize the Parsons B-Bender, making his invention an integral part of their distinct guitar sound. This innovation greatly expanded the sonic possibilities for electric guitarists and added a new dimension to country and rock music.

This particular Telecaster is not only an excellent player, but the bender installation was performed by Gene himself back in 2010. To seal the deal, Mr. Parsons also signed the instrument. If you’re looking for a workhorse country Telecaster with an amazing history, this is the guitar for you."

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