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2017 Gretsch G6128-CS "Duo-Jet" [Stephen Stern Masterbuilt]

2017 Gretsch G6128-CS "Duo-Jet" [Stephen Stern Masterbuilt]

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2017 Gretsch Custom Shop "Duo-Jet" from master builder Stephen Stern. Loud and acoustically resonant with a lovely sparkly tone from the Filtertron PUs for a classic Gretsch tone. Plays great with a medium/full neck profile and ideal action. In great condition and comes lightly relic'd with vibey checking and a slight patina for an authentic road-worn aesthetic. A killer custom shop Gretsch! Includes case candy, COA, and original tweed hardshell case.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"I've never been a huge fan of guitar companies being bought out by other guitar companies, but I have to say the manner in which Fender has handled its ownership of the Gretsch company has been exemplary in recent years. Certainly more dignified than Gibson's treatment of Epiphone, for example. Sure, there has been some far-east manufacturing on their part, but the quality is generally excellent and is priced more than competitively. I believe their Custom Shop, though, is by far the company's crowning achievement.

When first established in 2005, the Gretsch Custom Shop was nothing more than a small corner on the top floor of Fender's Corona factory. Stephen Stern, until very recently the GCS's sole master builder, was put in charge of a small handful of employees and given nearly full creative freedom. The subsequent decades have seen Stern and his team create the absolute finest Gretsch guitars ever built. Their precision in manufacturing and creativity in development has far surpassed anything the company was capable of in the '50s and '60s, and this Duo Jet is a prime example. Master Built by the man himself, it represents the technical pinnacle of an already revered and classic model. It quite literally does not get any better than this."

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