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2022 Carr Skylark

2022 Carr Skylark

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From Carr Amps:

Probe one classic American guitar recording after another, and the thing so many have in common is the sweet, juicy sound of a low-powered classic of the tweed and blackface eras. Capable of both delectable clean tones and harmonically rich tube overdrive at real-world volumes, amps like the late-’50s tweed Harvard and Deluxe and ’60s blackface Princeton Reverb provided a springboard for the Skylark, but as with every Carr amp that inspiration was followed through with utter originality and 21st century usability, to create a model that has fast become one of the favorites of the today’s lineup.

In traditional style the Skylark generates 12 watts from a pair of 6V6GT power tubes, but it does far more with that platform than any of the classics that preceded it. By expanding the tone stage with a super-handy Mid control and adding an extended-range Presence control, Carr has given the Skylark for more sonic flexibility. A Hi/Low gain switch and onboard attenuator enhance the drive and output capabilities exponentially, helping the Skylark span the tweed-to-blackface transition and further suiting it to myriad playing situations.

Carr’s acclaimed tube-driven spring reverb adds lush, multi-dimensional atmospherics to the brew, which is all taken to its ultimate expression by a super-resonant, house-made cabinet crafted from solid dovetailed North Carolina yellow pine with a floating speaker baffle. Add it up, and it contributes to an extremely dynamic, expressive, and versatile combo that absolutely nails your needs in the studio and small club alike.

Of course, it’s all put together with the top-shelf parts and construction that Carr is famous for, using military and NASA-grade power supply components, mixed with toothsome signal capacitors and resistors inspired by the golden age of tube amps, all rendered with true point-to-point wiring.


Power: 12 Watts full Attenuated 1.2 watts to a whisper

Construction: Hand wired point-to-point in the USA

Components: Custom USA made transformers, Solen Fast Cap Film Power Supply, US-made Jupiter and Mallory signal capacitors, carbon comp resistors and more

Power: 12 watts, attenuated from 1.2 watts to 0

Channels: One

Tubes: two 12AX7, two 12AT7, two 6V6GT

Controls: Volume, Hi/Low gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb, Presence, Attenuator, Attenuator toggle

Switches: Two position Hi/Low gain switch, Attenuator in/out, on/off/standby

Features: All-tube spring reverb, built-in attenuator, 8-Ohm speaker out

Cabinet: Hand-crafted from solid pine and uniquely styled

Speakers: Celestion A-Type 12"

Weight & Dimensions: 1x12" combo 21" (W) x 15.5" (H) x 9" (D), 36 lbs

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