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Electro-Harmonix Hog Synthesizer and Foot Controller

Electro-Harmonix Hog Synthesizer and Foot Controller

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A Super-clean minty, EHX Hog, and external foot controller! includes the original boxes, power supply, and paperwork as well as an M-Audio expression pedal for full functionality! An incredibly diverse guitar synth!

From EHX:

"Indulge your senses! The award-winning Electro-Harmonix HOG (Harmonic Octave Generator) is a totally polyphonic guitar synthesizer offering complete control of up to 10 interval pitches. NO glitches and NO special pickup needed. Generate extreme sub bass to powerful multi-octave chords. Convert your 6 string into a 12 string, create a realistic B3 organ. Amazing on guitar but works well with any instrument.

With the HOG's external Foot Controller plugged into the Footswitch phone jack, you will be able to store and load 6 presets. Use a normal guitar cable to connect the Foot Controller to the HOG. Except for the Input Gain slider, all sliders and settings on the HOG are saved in the presets, including the position of the Expression Pedal, Exp. Button or MIDI Pitch Bend Wheel."

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