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Gibson Custom Shop Trini Lopez LTD [#85 of 200]

Gibson Custom Shop Trini Lopez LTD [#85 of 200]

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2015 Gibson Custom Shop Trini Lopez ES-335 with a Firebird headstock, diamond inlays, diamond f-holes, and a set of Burstbuckers for period-accurate PAF tone with clear note separation, mid-range punch, and top-end clarity. Resonant and a great player with an ergonomic slim-taper profile. This example is #85 of 200 produced as a limited run and is in great overall shape with minor finish scuffing and a slight patina from handling. A super cool Custom Shop Semi-Hollow! Includes original hardshell case and certificate of authenticity.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"The story of Trini Lopez is one of my favorite pieces of guitar lore, and I think is an excellent testament to the power of the instrument. Trini had a few hits in the '60s and '70s that would fall squarely into the category of easy listening. One was about a lemon tree. Our grandparents enjoyed them, surely, but they were not slamming tracks and by no means were timeless hits. Because of the signature model he designed for Gibson, though, Trini is a household name in the guitar community. Countless reissues and tribute models have been produced by multiple builders. Dave Grohl, frontman of the biggest rock band on earth, has used a 1967 model as his primary guitar since the '90s, introducing countless millions to the name Trini Lopez. The model is extremely popular and will continue to be produced long after the last fan of Trini's music is cold in the ground, an idea probably more comforting than it sounds. I believe that at the root of obsessive creation, something all great artists are plagued with, lies a grave fear of mortality, and with it the burning necessity to produce something with meaningful longevity beyond our own years. By this metric, Trini is as big a star as any.

This particular model is about as good as it gets for a modern Trini. It is #85 of a very limited run of 200, and is as tasteful in appointments as I could imagine. The craftsmanship of the Gibson Custom Shop is second to none, and I truly can't think of a finer example we've had through the shop."

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