About Appraisals

For over 25 years we have worked hard to maintain the high standard of trust and integrity that has enabled us to continue to be a frontrunner in the worldwide vintage guitar market. It is important to evaluate every guitar for authenticity, originality, and condition. We offer honest and accurate appraisals to determine the value of vintage instruments. Visit our store and you will find "Vintage Guitar Authentication" checklists on our vintage instruments detailing original features and specifying any replacments, modification, or repair to the instrument.

Options for Appraisals

We offer FREE verbal appraisals in store as well as written letters for insurance purposes at $150/instrument. For large collections contact us for the possibilty of an in home visit.

Appraisal for Sale: Local

If you're in the Seattle area and are considering selling your guitar then give us a call at 206-382-0231 and bring your instrument in for a complimentary verbal appraisal and potential offer to buy your instrument.

Appraisal for Sale: Not Local

Can't make it to the shop in person? No worries! You can submit photos and information on your instrument to the "Sell My Guitar" form on our website. We will evaluate the instrument based on the information you provide and get back to you with an approximate value and the potential to send your instrument to the shop for further inspection and purchase.

Insurance Appraisals:

If you own valuable musical instruments you should get them insured under your homeowners or renters insurance policy. We offer comprehensive written appraisals that you can present to your agent to insure your instruments. Written insurance appraisal letters cost $150/instrument. Contact us here to get in touch about an insurance appraisal for your instrument.