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1936 Martin 000-18 Shade Top [*Demo Video!]

1936 Martin 000-18 Shade Top [*Demo Video!]

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Several of us currently think this 1936 000-18 is the best-sounding guitar to ever come through the shop! This Shade Top is one of three made in 1936 and is absolutely stunning with a vibrant well-worn aesthetic. In excellent playing condition with a well-done neck reset, and a replaced and compensated saddle for effortless action. In great cosmetic shape with honest wear throughout, two repaired and cleated top cracks and a repaired/cleated crack on the back. This example features tuners from a '42 Martin and also includes the addition of a small ebony overlay on the string holes to protect the original bridge plate. An absolutely incredible guitar from Martin's Golden-Era! Reach out for more info! Includes original tuners, original hardshell case, and a Calton case. 

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"Don't let the fact that we're featuring two 30s shade top Martins this week desensitize you. These custom-order unicorns are as rare as it gets for the American flat-top acoustic guitar. Martin always prided themselves on using the highest quality woods and materials available, and made it a point not to spray their guitars with opaque colors or shading. This remained true until the early 1930s when Martin noticed another Midwestern guitar company begin to have tremendous success with their line of sunburst-finished archtop and flat top instruments.

Reluctantly in 1931, Martin made this 'dark top' finish standard on their new line of archtops, and available as a custom option for the remainder of their line. This new option (much like their archtops) was anything but a smashing success, and remaining examples of either are incredibly scarce today.

To find a 000 from '36 in original condition is remarkable on its own, but the addition of the shade top puts this thing into the stratosphere. These just don't come around, and when they do, they go immediately into permanent collections where they remain for decades.

This example is currently sporting tuners off a '42 000, but the original '36 tuners are included in the original case, along with a leather strap original to the guitar and a slough of original case candy. The instrument has seen a few minor repairs over the years, all very routine and well-executed. The original bridge plate does have a small rosewood overlay attached over the pinhole area to protect the factory maple plate, but could easily be removed by a skilled luthier to return the internals to stock."

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