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1955 Fender "Low Powered" Tweed Twin

1955 Fender "Low Powered" Tweed Twin

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This incredibly rare 1955 "Low-Powered" Tweed Twin amp holds a special place in music history as a studio amp at Cinderella Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. With its serial number #0102, this amp is highly collectible and is even featured in "Nashville Cat - The Wayne Moss Story."

Interestingly, the renowned singer Brenda Lee, known for hits like "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" and "I'm Sorry," had the original tweed painted black for a tour. Although the tweed has since been replaced, the amp comes complete with the original tweed and all the authentic parts, including the original power cord. Additionally, it includes a copy of "Nashville Cat - The Wayne Moss Story," adding to its historical significance.

This twin was meticulously restored by Greg Germino and has received certification and authentication from Gruhns in Nashville.

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