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1959 Gibson ES-345

1959 Gibson ES-345

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All-original 1959 Gibson ES-345! A golden-era thinline semi-hollowbody Gibson! The ES-345 was the next step up from the standard ES-335 with the addition of gold hardware, split parallelogram inlays and varitone tone control. This example is in great shape with finish checking, a patina to the hardware, and filled holes from a removed Bigsby. The stock PAFs deliver a classic transparent humbucker tone with prominent note separation and clarity. An excellent player with comfortable neck dimensions and a woody, focused sound from the combination of the humbuckers and resonant semi-hollow body. An iconic instrument with a wide range of sounds!  Includes original hardshell case.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"If Ted McCarty was the father of Gibson’s golden age, the ES-345 was his quintessential middle child. It lacked the big-money prestige of the 355 and the undeniable cool factor of the 335. It was Jan Brady with a rotary switch. As with most middle children, though, the 345’s plight has been greatly exaggerated. The model’s mandatory stereo output is inconvenient for most, sure, but can be converted to mono with a relatively painless outpatient procedure. (This original example remains un-snipped) Apart from this minor difference, you’re looking at a Mickey Mouse-eared 335 with long-magnet PAFs and fancier inlays. The ’59 neck is the exact profile that necessitated tens of thousands of reissues. The Varitone is surprisingly usable, and can be bypassed without any sort of tonal sacrifice. With so many of these 345s having been modified or converted to mono, this original example is truly a rare treat. And available for a fraction of the price of its plainer brother." - Tyler Geske

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