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1966 Fender Jaguar [*Demo Video feat. Ariel Posen!]

1966 Fender Jaguar [*Demo Video feat. Ariel Posen!]

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A RARE Fender Jaguar with Gold Sparkle finish in incredible shape! Looks amazing and plays smooth with a medium C-neck dated "1NOV65B" that's a breeze to navigate. Resonant and snappy producing impressive sustain with tons of tonal options with the stock on-board controls. Almost entirely original with an upgraded brass bridge saddle that really makes this thing sing! An incredible, highly collectible CBS Fender offset.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"Regular readers will remember several weeks ago when we featured an unspeakably rare 1961 Strat in original red sparkle finish. I rattled on ad nauseam about the scarcity of sparkle Fenders. Outrageous claims were made. The term “holy grail” may have been used. Imagine my embarrassment, then, at the fact we’ve managed to unearth another example within the course of a few weeks.

While this unicorn is a slightly less desirable Jaguar model, some special features make it every bit as intriguing as its crimson cousin. While it’s true that most every sparkle Fender was a singular creation, we do know of one other 1966 Jaguar with a similar factory finish. It was recently sold by another anonymous vintage dealer advertised as a “prototype” instrument. They alleged their Jag’s January ’66 neck was the first ever Fender to sport block inlays, although the blocks on this November ’65 neck seem to bust that myth.

This instrument also features a virtually unheard of pearloid pickguard, a detail we’ve only seen on one other Jaguar - another sparkle finished example. This particular guitar is absolutely 100% original and in virtually mint condition. The original case looks completely untouched. Letters from Fender’s production manager are included with the guitar, on company letterhead of course. This is an absolutely immaculate specimen of Fender’s most expensive model in the most exclusive finish out there. I’ll say again that I don’t see another one of these sparkles coming up for sale anytime soon, although I would jump at the chance to eat."

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