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1966 Gibson ES-345TDC [*Kalamazoo Collection]

1966 Gibson ES-345TDC [*Kalamazoo Collection]

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This instrument came from our recently acquired "Kalamazoo Collection." We acquired the collection from a married couple that worked at the original factory from the late 50s until the factory closed in June of 1984. These pieces are uncirculated and mostly untouched in mint or near-mint condition ~ The collection also includes 1000s of pieces of memorabilia, new-old stock parts, and more ~ reach out with any/all inquiries!

This 1966 Gibson ES-345 is in super clean condition and mostly original with a replaced "Nashville" style bridge with pots dating this archtop to the 31st Week of '66. The grain and finish are stunning and this thing sounds incredible with tons of resonance and an incredible tone from the Pat# PUs! This 345 was loved and played with moderate fret wear but is still super clean and looks like it never left the house. Includes original hardshell case.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"If Ted McCarty was the father of Gibson’s golden age, the ES-345 was his quintessential middle child. It lacked the big-money prestige of the 355 and the undeniable cool factor of the 335. It was Jan Brady with a rotary switch.

As with most middle children, though, the 345’s plight has been greatly exaggerated. The model’s mandatory stereo output is inconvenient for most, sure, but can be converted to mono with a relatively painless outpatient procedure. (This original example remains un-snipped) Apart from this minor difference, you’re looking at a 60’s 335 with Patent Number humbuckers and fancier inlays.

The classic 60s neck profile is slim but comfortable, much more so than some baseball bat-like examples from the 50s. The Varitone is surprisingly usable and can be bypassed without any sort of tonal sacrifice. This example is in unbelievable condition, showing virtually no sign of use apart from some very minor fret wear.

At some point, the bridge was replaced with a later “Nashville” unit but is otherwise 100% stock. With so many of these 345s having been modified or converted to mono, this original example is truly a rare treat. And available for a fraction of the price of its plainer brother."

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