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1967 Gibson ES-335TDC

1967 Gibson ES-335TDC

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1967 Gibson ES-335TDC. An incredible and super resonant semi-hollow with a slim, rounded neck profile that offers effortless playability. The PAT# pickups produce incredible vintage clarity with plenty of note separation and super-rich harmonics. All original excluding a refret up to 11th fret, replaced tuners, and the tailpiece which was replaced by a stop-bar. In great overall condition showing a slight patina, and normal wear from age - a prior owner put a couple "LOVE" stamps on it, which we left as is. An incredible vintage Gibson! Includes original hardshell case.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"What a perfect guitar for us guys looking for Eric Clapton style on an Erik Estrada budget. This isn’t the most original example out there, but in my opinion it’s the modifications that make this one so desirable. An expertly installed stop bar tailpiece replaced the much-maligned factory trapeze. A fresh set of Grovers sit where Klusons failed before them. A set of NOS “Love” postage stamps adorn the pickguard and bass side of the body, making it a federally recognized fact that this thing has a ticket to ride. It would take a keen eye to distinguish this from a real ’63 without a close inspection, and the original pair of patent number pickups make hearing a difference quite the feat as well. Add in the $.40 of free postage and you’d be losing money if you pass on this one." - Tyler Geske, ECG Newsletter

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