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1974 Gibson EDS-1275

1974 Gibson EDS-1275

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Re-ignite the spirit of  1970's stadium rock-n-roll with this 1974 Gibson EDS-1275 double neck! This guitar was originally a custom ordered with a Bigsby and a Varitone with the only modifications to the original being a neck position Duncan and a '79 T-Top in the bridge position for the 12-string. Good overall condition with slightly worn edges, dings, and moderate playwear. A rare and iconic vintage axe! Includes original hardshell case. 

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:


"When most musicians think of a double-neck guitar, they are almost certainly picturing the Gibson EDS-1275. This iconic instrument features both a six-string neck and a twelve-string neck, making it a versatile and unique tool for guitarists with no pre-existing spinal issues. The EDS-1275 was introduced by Gibson in 1963 to meet an apparent demand for a more convenient way to play two guitars at once. Somehow the model quickly gained popularity among prominent musicians, most notably Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and Don Felder of the Eagles, who famously used the 1275 both in live and studio settings. The model’s association with rock legends as well as its distinctive appearance have made it a symbol of classic rock music. Whether delivering the jangly chime of a 12-string or the formidable honk of a 6-string, this unwieldy Gibson creation has earned its place in the pages of rock history, and continues to be an instrument of choice for musicians looking to make a statement both musically and visually.

This particular 1975 model was completely custom ordered from the factory with several interesting appointments. An original Bigsby vibrato tailpiece on the 6-string neck is unusual for the model, and adds even more mass to this already hefty axe. The guitar also features a Gibson “Varitone” switching system, most famous for its use on the ES-345. While this option doesn’t add much extra weight, it certainly ups the tonal gravitas of this rock and roll machine."

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