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1976 Gibson Explorer

1976 Gibson Explorer

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This 1976 Refin Gibson Explorer has tons of vibe! Plays great with a full round "C" profile and sounds fantastic producing a warm and rich tone with excellent clarity from a DiMarzio in the bridge position and a Seymour Duncan in the neck position. Diligently updated with several replaced parts throughout and in great cosmetic shape with a well-worn aesthetic that belongs on stage. A killer player-grade Explorer! Includes a modern hardshell case and the original hardshell case. 

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"This is, by far, the least rare guitar featured in this week's newsletter. Gibson's unique "crushed beer can" body design reeks of Carter-era nostalgia and can't help but summon long-repressed memories from the back seat of your uncle's '81 Buick LeSabre.

This particular Explorer has been refinished in a charming hue of reddish orange, something between a firetruck and a melted down traffic cone, but still retains all of the sleazy allure that was installed at the factory. This iconic model has been beloved by everyone from Allen Collins to Eric Clapton; even Mr. The Edge has been known to wield one from time to time. It's fair to say that this Explorer can handle anything you're likely to throw at it."

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