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2 x 12 Vertical Speaker Cabinet w/Celestion G12-65

2 x 12 Vertical Speaker Cabinet w/Celestion G12-65

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When you want extra volume or a bigger tone from your guitar, the 2×12 cabinets from Amplified Nation should be your top priority.  Our 2×12 designs allow for additional headroom and slightly more volume than our 1×12 cabinet.  The dual speaker design lets you hear more direct frequencies from the top speaker, while the bottom speaker stays close to the floor and packs the punch.  You’ll be able to hear crisp and uncompressed highs while feeling the tone through your entire body.  Running two speakers in parallel gives you the power capability to handle our larger power level amps 100w and above.

Our Vertical 2×12 sits at 30” tall and 21” wide and will fit the Wonderland Overdrive, Dirty Wonderland, Ampliphonix and Gain, and Bombshell Overdrive.  The amp will be positioned up high so you can easily dial it in with excellent visibility on the control panel.  The 12” depth has deep low end and will fill the room.

New for 2023 is our Square 2×12, which has a diagonal speaker mount and sits at a 24” tall x 24” wide.  You will feel a tight response from this cabinet with amazing punch and clarity.  You will love the way this cabinet reacts with its compact size and open back construction.  The 24” height keeps the amp up high and has a perfectly balanced EQ. This cabinet will fit any of our amps, matching the 24” width of the Steel String Singer, Overdrive Reverb, or Trem-Drive Deluxe perfectly.  The Square cabinet also has the 12” depth that give these cabinets such a big sound.

The cabinet comes with ¾” 10-32 mounting screws and a wiring harness.  A mono jack is also included.  Available in your choice of tolex or suede.  We will fully install the speakers of your choice.

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