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Trem-Drive Deluxe - 22W Combo - 120V w/Warehouse WGS 12L

Trem-Drive Deluxe - 22W Combo - 120V w/Warehouse WGS 12L

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Filled with copious amounts of gain, spring reverb and tremolo, the Trem-Drive Deluxe lets you pay homage to the lesser known Dumble “Overdrive Deluxe” circuit.  The Trem-Drive Deluxe delivers all of your favorite classic rock and rock tones, and puts legendary vintage Fender style AB763 reverb and bias tremolo at your fingertips.  Through the ‘low’ input, you will find a mellow voicing that stays clean and polite and is reminiscent of a Deluxe Reverb with a full-bodied EQ and vintage familiarity.  You can dial in your clean to medium gain tones with the “Level” control and scale the amp with the “Volume”.  When plugged into the ‘high’ input you activate additional gain stages which can be dialed in with all three volume controls – setting the gain stageing with the ‘Overdrive’ gain, then the ‘Level’ and eventually the ‘Volume’ (master).  These three controls will allow you to dial in unlimited combinations of clean and overdrive, from classic cleans to the gnarliest high-gain, all complete with on-board reverb and bias tremolo.  The tremolo is available by switch on the front panel of the amp, or by using the included footswitch.

We designed the Trem-Drive to be user friendly so you will connect with the amp minutes after plugging in.  The familiarity of vintage Fender circuits is combined with the tinest bit of ‘single channel plexi’ to give a very unique voicing that is different than anything else in our lineup.  You can use the Rock/Jazz switch for an edgier tone, or the bright switch to really make cleans stand out.  The tremolo is perfectly balanced and works well with even the highest gain settings, pushing the lower wattage 22w into almost fuzz territory! The larger 50w and 100w have additional sonic presence with additional clarity and low end.  As expected, the reverb is lush and full and the amp has standard 3-band EQ tone stack settings, external bias points, and is configurable in all of our power levels.  If you enjoy some ‘sag’ and squishiness in your tone, the amp is available with a tube rectifier add-on.  The Trem-Drive Deluxe really comes alive with any of our speaker cabinets or in a combo setup; the amp is built into our ‘large size’ headshell, meaning its best paired with an oversized 1×12, or horizontal 2×12.


Single channel setup with two drive controls and master volume
Tube powered spring reverb
Bias tremolo with speed and level control
One-button footswitch to toggle trem effect
Size (head) 24” W x 11.5” T x 10.75” D
Weight (head) 22w – 25lbs, 50w – 33bs, 100w – 36 lbs

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