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Wonderland Overdrive V2 - 50W Head - 120V

Wonderland Overdrive V2 - 50W Head - 120V

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The Wonderland Overdrive is in a class of its own.  Big shimmery cleans and a throaty high gain overdrive fuse into a versatile amplifier that will take your guitar tone to the next level.  This amp is easy to dial in and includes onboard spring reverb and half power.

The clean channel of this amp has a great American voicing that is reminiscent of a vintage Fender amp. You will recognize the balanced EQ immediately and feel a connection with the amp that allows you to dig in.  It can stay loud and clean, providing excellent headroom and a great pedal platform.

The drive channel has a smooth overdrive with complex harmonics and a honky growl. Fully loaded with tones from classic rock to blues to hard rock and funk, the amp will give up the goods. The amp has incredible sustain and bloom, chirp, and the perfect amount of sensitivity to your pick attack.  There are easy ways to fine tune your sound, including EQ boosts and “Preamp Boost” on both channels.

The amp is hand built into a durable powdercoated aluminum chassis. Circuit boards are CNC punched and the amp is wired by hand with high end components including Orange Drop capacitors, F&T electrolytic filters, Dale and Koa resistors, Classic tone and Heyboer Transformers.

Two button footswitch (Channel, Boost) and custom DIN cable included.


6L6 powered 50 or 100w
6V6 powered 22w
Two cascading channels Clean/Drive
Tube powered spring reverb
4/4/8/16 ohm speaker output
Effects loop and half-power
Two-button footswitch with locking DIN cable
Size: 21″ W x 11″ T x 10″ D
Weight: 24lbs 22w, 30lbs 50w, 33lbs 100w

Twin GZ34 tube rectifiers available on 50w version

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