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1957 Martin 000-28 [*One Owner!]

1957 Martin 000-28 [*One Owner!]

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This super minty 000-28 came to us from the grandson of the original owner and it sounds incredible! 

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"However you feel about him, Eric Clapton is probably the first artist most of us associate with Martin’s 000 body style. His 1992 MTV Unplugged performance was dominated by a ’66 000-28, and singlehandedly cemented the model as a beacon of vintage Martin excellence. For many who aren’t Clapton, though, a 1950s 000-28 is considered the perfect flat-top acoustic guitar. The old-growth spruce top and Brazilian rosewood back are the stuff of legend. The 15” lower bout width is only 1/2” smaller than a Dreadnought, but feels much more comfortable and controllable. The lightly braced and classic 28-style appointments are universally imitated. And the tone? Lord, the tone.

This particular 000 is unique in that it is one of the cleanest vintage Martins we have ever come across. We purchased this guitar from the son of its original owner who very rarely played it and looked after it meticulously for decades. It shows no evidence of any repairs, damage, or modification whatsoever. Its brand new set of strings is the only thing that has been changed since its days in Nazareth. Enough can’t be said about the rarity of a vintage acoustic in this kind of condition. They simply do not exist, and virtually never come available outside of private sales. We hesitate to use the term “mint condition” with any vintage instrument, however, we can guarantee this is the closest you can get to a factory-clean Martin at any price point." 

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