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1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom

1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom

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This vibey yellowed-out 1974 Gibson LP Custom came to us from the original owner’s son. A resonant great player with an added PAT# PU in the middle position with the "Hayes Mod" with 3 volume knobs, and a master tone knob. It came to us with phase switches installed on the back plate but we decided to remove the switches and replace the back plate. Well-loved condition displaying heavier playwear and finish checking, but this rock machine has lots of life left to give! If you are looking for an authentic one-of-a-kind LP custom then look no further; This thing kicks ass! Includes original hardshell case and the original back plate. 

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"The Les Paul Custom has long been Gibson’s premier solid-body electric guitar offering, and goes back very nearly as far as the Les Paul itself. True to the base model, the Custom has followed a similar evolution through the years with some higher-end tweaks. The early 50s Customs used P90s just like the Standard but sported a unique “staple” P90 in the neck for improved clarity. The late 50s saw its adoption of the legendary PAF, in a slightly larger quantity than its less expensive cousin. When the Les Paul we know and love went into hibernation through most of the 60s, the Custom followed suit. And sure enough, upon their return, the Customs again bore a familiar but distinct aesthetic. The three-piece “pancake” body, a matching three-piece laminate neck, and of course the signature Norlin volute are all present and accounted for, in all their Nixon-era glory.

This particular example is certainly closer to original than most 70s Customs on the market, despite what it may appear. An added middle pickup and two extra switches on the control plate are all that separate this guitar from 100% factory, and both were executed by the original owner. The 4 piece maple top, a new feature added during the model’s 1968 reintroduction in lieu of the usual all-mahogany construction, is a defining feature of these 70s Customs. The two original pickups are Gibson’s revered “T-Top” humbuckers, but the added middle is an earlier (and even more revered) “Patent Number” humbucker. This Custom was certainly played over its lifetime but was by no means abused, showing no breaks or repairs throughout. We acquired this guitar from the son of its original owner, providing some interesting provenance to an already intriguing guitar. If you’re looking for a Norlin-era Custom, this one has everything you’re after and more."

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