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1975 Fender Telecaster Thinline [*Demo Video!]

1975 Fender Telecaster Thinline [*Demo Video!]

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This '75 Telecaster Thinline is the perfect road-worn example with vibey players wear for an authentic aesthetic. Plays great with a medium neck profile and sounds killer with tons of sustain and resonance for a fantastic amplified sound from the wide-range humbuckers which expertly capture a meaty sound while still offering a transparent quality. Very good condition with ring wear, dings, checking, and some dings throughout and mostly in stock condition with a replaced pickguard and a replaced nut for better action with plenty of life left in the original frets. This is a killer CBS Thinline! Includes gig bag and original pickguard.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

"In the world of architecture, cars, and even guitars, one of the greatest challenges a designer can face is the task of creating a tasteful and functional piece based on the blueprint of an already-established classic. Roger Rossmeisl, a legendary guitar inventor and luthier, was able to do just that with his 1968 introduction of the Telecaster Thinline. The late 60s saw the world’s supply of lightweight ash dwindling. Fender executed a number of experiments with the intention to remedy this issue by removing unnecessary material from Telecaster bodies. The “smuggler cavity” Teles of 1967 are a notable example of these attempts. Mr Rossmeisl took things a step further with his Thinline design. A standard Tele body was routed significantly on both the bass and treble sides of the centerline, then capped with a thin piece of ash, complete with a bass side f-hole.

The resulting design was radical, but totally effective in nearly every respect. The guitars were lighter, sustained beautifully, and imparted a warmer tonal quality to the sometimes shrill Telecaster sound. Seth Lover’s design of the Wide Range humbucker in 1971 added even more intrigue to an already complex sonic palette. The unusual employment of CuNiFe pole magnets (that’s copper, nickel, and iron) ensured that these Fender humbuckers were anything but PAF copies, and supplied a distinct and pleasant tone all their own. This particular Thinline has remained mostly original, with only a new nut and pickguard to note. The CBS-era Fender company certainly had its ups and downs, but the Tele Thinline was surely a high point during the broadcasting corporation’s sometimes tumultuous ownership." -Tyler Geske

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