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2018 Jim Kelley Prototype Head

2018 Jim Kelley Prototype Head

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This Jim Kelley Prototype amp is arguably the best-sounding amp to ever come through the shop with an incredibly responsive, warm, rich, and powerful sound. The stacked volume setup functions like channel/master which affords some really interesting interplay from subtle overdrive to full-blown zippery fuzz! A killer one-of-a-kind build from one of the most respected and revered builders in the business. Don't sleep on this one, it won't last long. Reach out to the shop for more details.

Check out the feature from our luthier Tyler in the ECG Newsletter:

Never heard of Jim Kelley amps? Next time you find yourself embroiled in a conversation about Alexander Dumble or Ken Fischer, pay close attention. Jim’s name is sure to follow before long. (Note: Jim Kelley is not to be confused with NFL hall-of-fame quarterback and Buffalo Bills legend Jim Kelly. As far as we know, Mr. Kelly’s knowledge of discrete amplification circuits is shallow at best.) 


If you’re familiar with Jim’s production amps, this one may look a little strange. It was built in the chassis of a blackface Bassman head, but it’s safe to say that none of the original circuit remains intact. This is actually a prototype built by Jim in 2018 when finalizing the development of his improved single-channel “Line Amp”. This has no affiliation with the Line-6 brand of amps, which is slightly less acclaimed. I’m of the general opinion that attempting to talk about guitar tone is like attempting to dance about real estate; it’s completely futile in practice. Take my word for it though, this one absolutely has to be heard to be believed. In a shop that has sold dozens of Dumbles and Trainwrecks, more than one of us has crowned this one the best amp ever.  

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