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Brand-New Carr Impala Combo

Brand-New Carr Impala Combo

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"Countless players acknowledge the mid-’60s blackface Bassman™ as one of the greatest all-around guitar amps ever made, but too often you have to scaffold the original in modifications to get the most out of it. The Impala frames that classic circuit’s beating heart within a more usable format to deliver everything from guttural cleans to pushed American overdrive in a package that enables this iconic performer’s full potential to shine through.

From a foundation of 44 watts generated by two 6L6GC power tubes the Impala adds an ultra-wide-ranging Volume control that lets the preamp run free. Add a versatile three-knob tone stage bolstered by a highly interactive Mid control, a super-usable Master to rein in the gain at all volumes, and addictively atmospheric tube-driven spring reverb and the Impala is ready for anything.

In its lower reaches, the Volume enables a luscious palette of clean tones, from sparkling and scooped to chunky and midrange-thick. Then wind it up past 3 o’clock—where most amps just give up the ghost—and the Impala roars forward with toothy, aggressive American overdrive and increased girth and sustain. With its impressive solidity and openness, the Impala also makes an amazing pedal platform, chewing up boosters, overdrives, fuzzes and distortions, skin, bones, hair and all.

The Impala is constructed in the fully hand-wired, point-to-point Carr tradition, using high-end and military grade components to ensure unprecedented signal purity and sonic clarity. The hand-crafted, solid-pine combo cabinets carry ’50s-style floating speaker baffles for optimal resonance and character, resulting in an expressive amp with utterly playable dynamics.

The Carr Impala — turn it loose, and let the tone run free!"

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